Magni offers a comprehensive framework for Human Resources Development, including employee training, career development, performance management and development, coaching, mentoring, succession planning, key employee identification, tuition assistance, and organization development. Development and implementation of training programs in various areas including: environment, safety, motivational, MC - managing cultural differences **.


Magni’ trainings and development programs can assist your business with compliance issues and offer services designed to mitigate the impact of Environmental, Health & Safety regulations.

Employee Enviromental Educational Program


We work in cooperation with the Managing Cultural Differences – MCD Paris.

What is MCD?

"Diversity Management" is the ongoing process of incorporating the recognition of workforce and customer differences into all core business management functions, communications, processes and services to create a fair, harmonious, inclusive, creative and effective organisation (2010, Australian Multicultural Foundation).


The aim of this training program is to enable companies and their employees to better understand cultural diversity and how to manage it effectively to improve workplace performance.

Seeing diversity as a source of creativity and an opportunity to grow, MCD Managing Cultural Differences will help you benefit from the cultural differences in your company by means of training, coaching, consulting and lecturing.

The main training objectives are to enable participants to:

Learn about cultural diversity in the workforce

Potential impacts and benefits of cultural diversity

Increase their understanding of culture and cross-cultural interactions

Develop their cultural awareness and cross-cultural communication skills

Conduct a diversity analysis of their business strategies and operations

Develop an action plan for managing cultural diversity in their businesses

The importance of training:

Organisations around the world have been realising that cultural diversity within an organisation is a positive point for corporate success. As diversity is a source of creativity and an opportunity to grow and increase profitability. However it is not an easy task to manage employees with different cultural backgrounds.

Cross cultural management is a strategic subject, and failure to identify cultural issues and take action can lead to culture shock. Often, the symptoms are ignored or simply not recognized. Awareness is the first step - it can always improve.

In every company nowadays you are likely to be dealing with people who come from various national, religious, and ethnic backgrounds. Communicating across language and cultural barriers at home (or abroad) will challenge your skills. Without leaving your own country, you're likely to come into contact with people from a variety of backgrounds who work in your company, industry, and community. That can be called a real cultural diversity.

Whether you are running an international business, preparing to expand globally or working abroad - the key to successful international business starts with awareness of cultural differences and their importance. Lack of awareness in this area will often lead to waste of time, energy and resources through unnecessary misunderstandings and conflicts.

Target groups/individuals for this training:

Our training aims the development of skills in an intercultural environment and better cooperation of teams.


Management teams

Young professionals

International teams

Virtual teams

International project teams


Trainers inside the company


We can develop a full training divided into days and/or throughout of the year, a seminar and a workshop within this topic.

Duration of Training:

This training time schedule will depend on the amount of people taking part and the frequency the company wants to apply it for. Normally this is decided between the company and our team according to your company’ needs.