World´s largest water utility company

Public stock listing = efficiency

São Paulo has lack of clean water – and high costs for obtaining treated water. So re-use is a must. Goal is to reach 10% in 10 years, against 1 – 2 % actual

Membrane systems can be modular, flexible and easily moved to needs

Water re-use

Pilot project for tertiary treatmen carried out Nov. 2012 – April 2013

Constant and high permeate quality = reliability

100% membrane cleaning and recuperation = Durability

No chemicals = low cost in use

However, high fluctuation in feed water quality with TSS and organic material

Water re-use SABESP test:

SABESP wants / intends to purchase at least four units in 2014, 14L/sec, plus three 70 L/sec units based on a modular system process



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